Coalition of Arizona Bicyclist’s Annual member’s meeting 10/20/2020

This year, the annual business meeting will be held via tele-conference.
A business meeting and election of open board of directors seats will be held.

  • Tuesday, October 20 , 2020 at 6:30PM Arizona Time.

Members in good standing who wish to attend/listen/vote please contact no later than 10/13 to obtain the phone in details. Not a member? Click here to join.

Nominations, or self-nominations for the Board of Directors are still open, and as always we’re looking for volunteers in any capacity.

see 2019 annual meeting minutes.


  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Board Elections; See below. Additional nominations are open



We currently have 9 directors; (with a maximum of 15 per bylaws). Directors serve two-year terms, current member’s expiration are listed below; the 7 expiring in 2020 will be voted on, as well as any new nominations:

Tom Armstrong (2021)
Bob Beane (2020)
Ed Beighe (2020)
Gail Hildebrant (2020)
Bob Jenson (2020)
Rich Leever (2020)
Sharon Matt (2020)
Eric Post (2021)
Lloyd Thomas (2020)

MEETING MINUTES (unapproved)

CAZB Annual Meeting 10/20/2020
Called to order at 1830

Attendees: Gail Hildebrant, Sharon Newman Matt, Rich Lever, Eric Post, Peter
Mather, Tom Armstrong, Ed Beighe, Earl Ratledge, Bob Jensen, Lloyd Thomas

Bernie Hoenle volunteered to be on our board. Nominated by Ed Beighe, 2nd by Gail Hildebrant. Discussion Voted & passed unanimous.

Board of Directors up for renewal
Bob Beane, Ed Beighe, Gail Hildebrant, Bob Jensen, Rich Lever, Sharon Newman
Matt, Lloyd Thomas: Nominated by Ed Beighe, Bob Jensen nominated en mass,
2nd by Gail Hildebrant. Discussion. Voted & passed unanimous.

Officer Elections were then held — Voted & passed unanimous by all board members of the newly constituted board present,
President: Ed Beighe
Vice President: Bob Beane & Bob Jensen
Secretary: Sharon Newman Matt
Treasurer: Gail Hildebrant

Treasurer’s report: checking, savings & high yield 32,209.75

Rich Lever had a meeting with Audrie at ADOT re sharrows & round about in
Prescott. Also a sign on Hwy 179 Bikes may take the lane.

Dues or donations for may now be paid on Zelle. No fee for us to use.

–Eric Post- Tucson application for Gold status was due last Feb. Telephone
meetings were recently started back up & application deadline was extended to
Feb 2021. This is a multi jurisdiction application. We lost Matt Zoll’s help. Eric also
talked about Tucson’s diversion program.

–Bob Jensen- to meet with Joe Perez City of Phx. Bike Coordinator. To discuss
changing 3 rd & 5 th Ave. from 1 way to 2 ways bikeways. Also to look at the cities 5
year master plan.

–Bike Education- discussion

Meeting closed 1930

submitted by Sharon Newman Matt, Secretary

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