Stop for School Bus

Don’t forget, that as a bicyclist you have the same rights and responsibilities as the driver of a vehicle; you must STOP FOR SCHOOL BUSES when the stop sign/alternately flashing lights are in use…

§28-857. School bus signs; overtaking and passing school bus
A. On meeting or overtaking from either direction a school bus that has stopped on the highway, the driver of a vehicle on a highway shall:
1. Stop the vehicle before reaching the school bus, if the school bus is displaying the signal as provided in subsection D of this section and if alternately flashing lights are in use.
2. Not proceed until the school bus resumes motion or the signal and alternately flashing lights are no longer displayed…


Let’s all take extra care around school buses and schools, including obeying speed limits at school crossings.


I am the Safety Coordinator for Amphi Transportation Dept and we have very difficult time with cyclists running our stop arms when we are stopped picking up and dropping off students. Our District is spread over Tucson, Pima County and Oro Valley. And already since school started we have had Oro Valley PD following our buses because the cyclists refuse to stop when we put our stop arms out and we have a several incidents where the cyclists have come up on the right side of the bus and if not for quick action by our driver to stop the students there could have been a serious accident.

The cycling community asks motorists to be aware of them and follow all road rules to keep them safe. Then I as a motorist, who also drives children to school, ask that they do the same.
A bus with flashing lights and a stop arm extended means you stop, two, four even 18 wheelers.

I thank you in advance for anything you might be able to do to being a solution to what we already know is a deadly problem.

Hollie Chlup
Safety Coordinator
Amphitheater School District

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