Phoenix places SLMs and BMUFL signs 48th and Guadalupe

In very late 2011/ very early 2012, the city of Phoenix has placed some SLM (Shared Lane Marking, a.k.a. “Sharrow”) and BMUFL signs (Bikes May Use Full Lane; technically called R4-11) along 48th Street North of Piedmont; this then turns into Guadalupe Road which bends due east and continues over I-10. This is perhaps a bit more than 1/2 mile.

Because of some peculiar geography, the road represents one of the only ways to enter/exit the Ahwatukee (section of Phoenix) and get to e.g. Greater Phoenix, or Tempe. It is the ONLY connection that does not involve I-10. See for more background and pictures.

As of right now, the signs are all up. The markings, however, have not been placed/painted yet on the southern part of the project, and the markings that were placed on the northern half were erroneously painted too far to the right.

The Coalition will continue to monitor the situation, and would like to thank the City of Phoenix and staff engineers Kerry Wilcoxon and (bike coordinator) Joe Perez for the project, and wish for a speedy completion; which is currently being held up while thermoplastic markings are procured… see update

Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2012 2:35 PM 
We are in the process of purchasing thermo plastic sharrow markings. These are expensive but should wear like leather and will last longer than the asphalt they are being installed on. When the thermo symbols come in we will have them applied in the center of the curb lane in both directions and will black out the painted sharrows on the right side of the road now. There is also a portion of Guadalupe between 48th Street and the end of City Right of Way near the bridge over I-10 that is scheduled to be repaved in the next year or so. When we install the thermo markings on 48th Street we will correct the markings on Guadalupe in paint and then once the overlay is complete we will install new thermo markings on Guadalupe up to the bridge. On a curvy road like 48th Street and Guadalupe I would much rather have a dedicated bike lane but that would require dropping a thru lane which is not something we have authorization to do at this point.
I hope this helps. 
Kerry Wilcoxon, 
P.E. City of Phoenix Street Transportation Dept Safety and Neighborhood Traffic Section 
Ph.: 602-262-4613 

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