Shortcuts to cycling-related websites

For AZ State Law, the form is where ### is as follows:

101 – Definitions, one sub-section of which is the definition of a bicycle
735 – 3-foot passing law
812 – Bicycles are subject to same rights and responsibilities as motorists
815 – Conditions when keeping “…as far right as practicable…” is required, or not

Please note that capitalization after the “/” is important, both those above and those below.

For other websites, the form is where ## is as follows:

01Light Rail safety for cyclists, Power Pt images on PhotoBucket
02 – Not available
03 – Photos of Washington & Jefferson St Bike Lanes next to Light Rail tracks.
04 – Photos of Highline Canal Multi-use path, mostly before 2010 upgrade.
05 – Photos of Abandoned RR track south of downtown Phoenix.
06Valley of the Sun Bike Rack map.
07 – US Secretary of Transportation Ray La’Hood at the 2010 Bike Summit in DC.
08 – CAzBike Fan Page on FaceBook.
09 – NTHSA Bicycling Tips for Adults, 7-min video produced by LAB
10 – online TS101
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