People Who Ride Bicycles Have a Positive Impact on Local Economy

There are many studies that show people who ride bicycles in urban areas shop more often and spend more money with local businesses than people who drive cars. This means that in addition to supporting local businesses, bike riders are likely paying more money in local taxes that vehicle drivers.

When advocating for bicycle infrastructure, remember that government representatives, community leaders, and business owners typically underestimate the number of people who bike and how much money they spend. To help with these conversations, the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists is providing these references to bicycle economic impact studies.


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  1. Lancaster says:

    That’s an interesting perspective! I hadn’t thought about the economic benefits of bicycling before. Can you elaborate more on how people who ride bicycles contribute to the local economy? I’m curious to learn more about the positive impact that biking can have beyond its health and environmental benefits.

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