New Board of Directors / Officers / Awards

Elections for the Board of Directors was held at our annual meeting September 21, 2009. We wish to thank all of those nominated.

The Coalition would like to express their deep gratitude to those Board members who are stepping down: Gail Hildebrant, Rich Rumer, Sharon and Radar Matt. Best wishes, and thanks for your years of effort on behalf of all Arizona cyclists!

Board Elections

The following incumbent members were re-elected to another two year term:

  • Gene Holmerud
  • Bob Jenson
  • Peter Mather
  • Charlie Sobczak
  • Alison Van Uum

And the following new members were elected to two year terms:

  • Bob Beane
  • Dennis Dempsey
  • Sheila Foraker
  • Mike Kitchen


The following individuals were recognized for a variety of contributions:

  • Bob Beane & Rich Rumer : Organizing and running the Memorial Ride for Safety
  • Lisa Cozetti : for publishing our newsletter, the Sprocketeer
  • Ed Beighe: Web
  • Sharon & Radar Matt: Education
  • Rita Walter: Outreach


The new board elected officers of the corporation at the executive meeting October 6, 2009

  • President: Bob Beane
  • Vice President: Dennis Dempsey
  • Vice President: Bob Jenson
  • Vice President: Gene Holmerud
  • Treasurer: Gail Hildebrant (acting)*
  • Secretary: Sheila Foraker

* will remain until position permanently filled.

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