National Bike Summit 2019

Jackie Martin attended the Spring 2019 National Bike Summit in Washington DC  with partial financial support from the Coalition, below is her report:

Children’s cycling education: “Bunny Hop”

I wanted to extend a warm thank you for your financial support of my trip to present at National Bike Summit this year. The funds contributed by TBAG & CAzBike paid for my registration fee and accommodations.  Since Ivan (my husband and TBAG board member) and I traveled together, we both bene
fited greatly from your generosity and wanted to say thank you, and share our experiences.
Here’s the presentation I gave. The panel I spoke on was called “Expanding Audiences,” and I discussed how TBAG worked to become more inclusive of families by offering children’s cycling education.  I discussed the public health research I’ve conducted as a nurse, and the best practices I discovered for children’s cycling education. I then implemented those best practices in a TBAG-sponsored ride called Bunny Hop, which just celebrated it’s 3rd anniversary. My presentation at Bike Summit offered a detailed toolkit for implementing Bunny Hop, or something similar, in other communities. I am proud to say that about half a dozen other cities are committed to hosting a Bunny Hop in 2020!

“Lobby Day” at National Bike Summit 2019

Here’s a summary of some of the lectures Ivan and I attended. Probably the most interesting of the sessions we attended was the tour of Crystal City, hosted by Bike Arlington. I’ve included photos of some of Arlington County (VA)’s creative solutions to offering active transport options in preparation for opening a headquarters to Crystal City. Another interesting point is the last slide of the Summary, “general impressions.” The biggest take-away from the Summit is that the approach to bike advocacy – on the local and national level – is changing to focus on “active transit,” especially pedestrians. Another shift in the dialogue is focusing on environmental and economic health of communities that promote cycling (rather than previous public health approaches focusing on staying fit, reducing traffic, etc).

We learned a lot and are very grateful for the experience. If you have never been to Bike Summit, I urge you to consider going next year – it’s a wonderful learning and networking experience.
And just as an aside, I have been asked by the Arizona Nurses Association quarterly publication to author an abstract on my research and the Bunny Hop project, from a public health perspective. When I finish it, I’ll send this along, too!
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