Meet Lloyd Thomas

Lloyd Thomas

Lloyd is the Coalition’s newest member of the Board of Directors. 

I’m Lloyd Thomas. I’ve always had medical issues. But riding a single speed bike as a child gave me a sense of freedom and a great way to exercise the family dog. A bike was my main source of transportation while home-ported at Pearl Harbor, and later at NAU and ASU.
As a former Deputy County Attorney I’ve seen numerous ‘collisions’ and ‘accidents.’ As a driver I’ve lost consciousness and crashed. At times MVD and MDs have said ‘you can’t drive.’ Finally a decade later, thanks to a knee replacement, I’m riding a bike again. Thanks to a bike I can transport myself. I don’t have to rely on others. Bikes give mobility, freedom, options, to many. While cyclists are sometimes viewed the public and by drivers as obstacles, riding for recreation, that’s an incomplete picture. People ride for a variety of reasons. People ride a variety of ‘bikes.’ Cyclists are a diverse group. We should represent all of them. We should protect all of them. We should encourage all of them.

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