Meet Earl Ratledge

A lifelong bicycle rider, Earl Ratledge can be found riding around the east valley for recreation and to run errands. He rides a road bike, mountain bike, folding single speed, and an upright bike with baskets in the back. For 13 years Earl commuted between Mesa and Phoenix using a mix of bike-bus-bike, bike-bus-walk and bike-bus-light rail; and for 3 years took his kids to school in a bike trailer. Over the years he has taken part in bicycle races, multi-day rides, bike camping, and charity rides.

Earl is the editor of the Coalition’s newsletter and has published articles on the Coalition’s website. He has volunteered with CycloMesa, Recycle Your Bicycle and Tour de Fat. Earl also developed a public dashboard which maps crashes in Arizona that involve people on bicycles and identifies the most dangerous intersections and corridors.

Earl can be reached at


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