Meet Billy Boyles

Billy Boyles joined the Coalition board in 2022:

First and foremost, I’ve been a biker since I was ten years old. I was the first kid in my school to own a ‘road’ bike, with ten speeds and the drop-down handlebars. Later, I would work as a bicycle courier in Washington D.C. Now I’m 65 and I don’t own a vehicle, most of the time I convey myself on a ten-year-old Specialized Rock Hopper.

I’m retired after 30 years from the Information Technology field and I spend my time writing crazy fiction novels and serials. I’ve got experience with many of the urban bicycle paths in Phoenix and I appreciate what was done on 3rd Avenue, where the lanes are wide and there are pylons every thirty feet. Now that’s a bicycle lane. I think it’s possible to get more people to commute via bicycle if there were more roadway designated for cyclists. I’m willing to represent cyclists everywhere in Arizona who want to improve biking conditions for everyone.

Billy Ovid Boyles

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