Light Rail is Coming!

Actually, it’s already here in heavy testing. Please take a moment to review the safety tips below.
There is a spiffy brochure that will be available soon.

Expect a train anytime from either direction around the light rail tracks. METRO light rail is vehicle testing on Valley roadways. Trains are out there everyday, with several trains out at one time. In the fall, trains will be testing such a regular rate, across all 20 miles that the system will appear in service. Specifically in the months of November and December, “simulated service” testing will occur and continue up until our grand opening on December 27, 2008.

So it is more critical than ever to practice safety around the METRO system. Please remember these key bicycle safety tips:

  • Never bike on light rail tracks and always walk your bike onto the station platform.
  • Obey traffic lights. A red arrow means “do not turn.”
  • Look both ways before crossing the tracks.
  • Light rail trains are quiet. Look for flashing headlights and listen for warning bells and horns.
  • When crossing the tracks at intersections, cross at an angle of least 60-degrees, but as close to 90-deg as practicable to avoid falling or tire damage.
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