Letter to Gov Hobbs

The Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists, along with the Rob Dollar Foundation, was well as national organizations People For Bike, and the League of American Bicyclists sent a letter to Gov. Hobb’s Transportation Policy Advisor today regarding certain pending legislation, which we believe would have a negative impact on bicyclists and the traveling public.

More details about the individual bills now pending can be found here.

You can read the letter to the Governor here.

April 20, 2023
Julieta Cruz
Transportation Policy Advisor to Governor Katie Hobbs
via email

Dear Ms. Cruz,

We are calling on Governor Hobbs to veto certain transportation related 
bills -- should they reach her desk -- that would limit the ability of 
the Arizona Department of Transportation and Arizona counties, cities, 
and towns, to make our streets and roadways safer for all road users. 
Governor Hobb's veto will preserve safe options for all Arizonans who 
walk, bike, and roll, as well as protecting Arizona’s environmental future, 
and keeping our state from financial risk.

Details are in the attached letter; can you pass along to the Governor?

Please feel free to reach me via email or by calling me at xxx-xxx-xxxx

Thank you,

Ed Beighe
Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists

Co-signed by
Lisa Langfoss
Board of Directors
Rob Dollar Foundation

As well as national organizations:
Kyler Blodgett
State & Local Policy Analyst
PeopleForBikes Coalition

Ken McLeod
Policy Director
The League of American Bicyclists


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