League Announces Spring 2013 Bicycle Friendly Communities

League Announces Spring 2013 Bicycle Friendly Communities

Gilbert’s bronze status was renewed; Glendale garners an honorable mention on their application.

Arizona communities currently enjoying BFC status are

  • Gold — Tucson/East Pima Region, Scottsdale
  • Silver — Tempe, and Flagstaff
  • Bronze — Chandler, Cottenwood, Gilbert, Mesa and Sedona

Read the LAB press release here. (dead link)

Arizona is 4th Highest

Arizona has the fourth highest percentage of population living in bicycle-friendly communities, the top 5 are

  1. Alaska – 46%
  2. New York – 42%
  3. Nebraska – 38%
  4. Arizona – 36%
  5. California – 35%

(there was a typo/miscacluation in the list originally published in the March-April 2013 issue of American Bicyclist magazine. The LAB will correct)

One Response to “League Announces Spring 2013 Bicycle Friendly Communities”
  1. Michael Stubblefield says:

    Would be interested in the standards for your classification of “bicycle-friendly communities.” I’m a newbie here (1 year), have been cycling for 15 years, including a self-contained cross-continent bicycle trip. NEVER have I been openly threatened by motorists like I have been in the last year of living in North Scottsdale.

    Two factors stand out in my mind and experience here:
    1. Open and blatant ignoring of traffic laws, signs and signals by motorists who clearly consider their rights superior to those on bicycles; and
    2. The almost-complete absence of any enforcement efforts by the police.

    How can Scottsdale have the chutzpah to post signs claiming its bicycle-friendly status? More importantly, how can the Coalition give a “Gold” pat on the back to such cities and communities?

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