Hearing on Arizona Stop-as-yield bill scheduled

50th 2nd regular session (2012) HB2211; this bill would allow cyclists (16 years and older) to treat stop signs as yield, similar to the law in Idaho.
HEARING SCHEDULED Thursday 1/26/2012 at 9AM (NOT 9 pm as was erroneously stated… sorry) PM by the House Transportation committee. All video is archived, in case you miss it live — simply go to that link and look for House Trans committee for 1/26.

UPDATE: BILL PASSES out of the Transportation Committee 1/26/2012, on an 6-2 vote. It was passed “DP” (do pass. i.e. passed without any amendment). If you didn’t see it live, you can catch it on archived, but it looks like there is a day or two delay…

Lots of background info at azbikelaw.org/blog/tag/stop/
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