Donation Received from Gage Safer Streets Foundation

The Coaltion of Arizona Bicyclists is pleased to announce a recent $2,500.00 donation from the Gage Safer Streets Foundation This donation will be directed toward increasing awareness of Arizona laws intended to provide safe riding conditions for bicyclists (such as A.R.S. 28-735, commonly known as the “3 foot safe passing distance” law).

The CAzB is currently working on media and educational opportunities to increase both law enforcement and public awareness of the three foot safe passing distance law. We also are supporting efforts to create “vulnerable user” status
for non-auto/truck users of Arizona highways, roads and streets, with related safety responsibilities required of non-vulnerable users. This donation will specifically be put to use in a significant way to support one or more of these initiatives.

We greatly appreciate the support of the Gage Safer Streets Foundation, especially knowing that George himself was hit by a motor vehicle while on a training ride and has had a long and challenging road to recovery.

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