Coalition supports the community

The Coalition is proud to announce two $1,000 grants to two organizations that promote safe bicycling to needy bicyclists and would-be bicyclists. The awards will be used to purchase helmets, lights, or any other supplies that need to be purchased in furtherance of their mission.

We-Cycle exec director
Robert Chacon, right, at a
recent bike safety event

The first recipient, Phoenix-based WE-CYCLE-USA: Helps kids and adults in need through the recycling of used bicycles while promoting the use of bicycles as an environmentally friendly form of transportation. We provide the tools, supplies and knowledge necessary to recycle, maintain and SAFELY operate each bicycle. We believe by teaching kids and adults to recycle, repair and SAFELY maintain their own bicycles we empower them and promote independence.

Crossroads Mission Bike shop mechanic
Mike receives Cazbike donation from
Lynn Dalbey

The other recipient, Crossroads Rescue Mission of Yuma Arizona, is a full-service, human rescue mission in every sense of the word. They prepare over 120,000 meals a year, house transients, have one of the best GED programs in the county, drug & alcohol rehab program and have approximately 102 in our family shelter (49 are children). Included in all of this is a very good, well-equipped bicycle shop. Park tools and stands and all. They have a full time mechanic who repairs bicycles for the needy as well as for the thrift store, and sell them to those who need transportation and enjoy bicycling. “The Bill Anderson Crossroads Mission Bicycle shop is most grateful for the donation of $1,000 from Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists. This money will go to buy parts that are not available from other old salvaged bikes”.


More about the Coalition: the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists promotes efforts that improve bicycling usage and safety within the state of Arizona by addressing law enforcement and transportation engineering issues through education, outreach and advocacy programs thereby enhancing the role of bicycling in local, county and statewide transportation plans. Learn more about the Coalition at, or find us on facebook at

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