Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists Seeks Executive Director

The Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists (CAzB) seeks an experienced and passionate bicycling advocate for a “hands on” Executive Director position. The Executive director will be expected to do/achieve the following:

  • Support and continue to develop and refine the Mission of the CAzB.
  • Along with the Board and Officers, build and coordinate an effective statewide organization of mostly-volunteer bicycling advocates.
  • Expand fundraising capabilities of the CAzB.
  • Communicate effectively and frequently to the bicycling community and general public the mission and goals of the CAzB, as well as participate in public meetings, educational opportunities, bicycling advocacy conferences and similar opportunities to advance the mission of the CAzB.
  • Participate in transportation planning opportunities as an advocate for bicyclists.
  • Participate in opportunities to favorably influence off-road access and opportunities for mountain biking and cyclo-cross riders.
  • Play a lead role in representing the CAzB to the bicycle industry.

Requirements and qualifications for the position

  • The Executive Director will be expected to work 30-40+ hours per week, DOQ and upon agreement with the Board/Officers as to job scope and goals.
  • Compensation will be $3,000-$4,000 per month for the tenure of the position (expected to be at least 12 months), as agreed with Board/Officers.
  • Commitment to the CAzB Mission: The Executive Director must be committed to the Mission of the CAzB, but also will work to continue to develop, refine and adjust that Mission along with the Board, Officers and members.
  • Prior experience as a bicycling advocate with the CAzB or another state/regional organization is highly preferred.
  • Business/project management experience and a documented record of accomplishment is highly preferred.
  • Fundraising experience, grant/proposal writing and an ability to recruit additional volunteer staff are a plus.
  • Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are required. The ability to represent the CAzB competently in media opportunities is required.
  • Leadership and coordination skills, especially as applies to a non-profit volunteer organization, are required.
  • The ability to delegate, follow-up, push projects forward and to get the job done where there are gaps in organizational capabilities is required.

Please submit a resume tailored to the above requirements to by August 31, 2010 to:

For questions regarding the above, e-mail the above address or contact Bob Beane at 480-861-7750.

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