Coalition of Arizona Bicyclist’s Annual member’s meeting 11/20/2018

This year, the annual meeting will be held via tele-conference.
A business meeting and election of open board of directors seats will be held.

  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018 at 6:30PM Arizona Time.

Members in good standing who wish to attend/listen/vote please contact no later than 11/16 to obtain the phone in details. Not a member? Click here to join.

Nominations, or self-nominations for the Board of Directors are still open, and as always we’re looking for volunteers in any capacity.

Minutes of 2018 Annual Meeting (approved at 12/18/2018 board meeting)

The meeting was held telephonically November 20, 2018 beginning at 6:45PM, present at the meeting were directors: Tom Armstrong, Bob Beane, Ed Beighe, Bob Jenson, Sharon Matt, Eric Post, Lloyd Thomas. (Gail Hildebrant was absent).

Also present were Peter Mather, and Rich Leever, and Jeff Caslake

Treasurer’s Report (via email)

As of October 31st, the balances in the Coalition’s Wells Fargo Accounts are as follows:

Checking $661.32
Savings $515.85
High Yield $32,427.21
Total Balance: $33,594.38

Respectfully submitted, Gail Hildebrant, Treasurer.

Board Elections

We currently have 8 directors; (with a maximum of 15 per bylaws). Directors serve two-year terms
2 do not expire until next year, and 6 expire this year, as noted in the list below the current board is:

Tom Armstrong (2019)
Bob Beane (2018)
Ed Beighe (2018)
Gail Hildebrant (2018)
Bob Jenson (2018)
Sharon Matt (2018)
Eric Post (2019)
Lloyd Thomas (2018)

Eric Post made a motion to nominate the six directors with terms expiring in 2018 — Bob Beane, Ed Beighe, Gail Hildebrant,  Bob Jenson, Sharon Matt, Lloyd Thomas — to new 2 year terms; Tom Armstrong 2nd the motion. A voice vote was taken and all present voted affirmative, and none negative.

Next, Ed Beighe made a motion to nominate Rich Leever for a (new) 2 year term to board; Bob Beane 2nd the motion. A voice vote was taken and all present voted affirmative, and none negative.

The new board now consists of 9 members, with terms expiring as noted below. A quorum now is at least 5 board members present:

Tom Armstrong (2019)
Bob Beane (2020)
Ed Beighe (2020)
Gail Hildebrant (2020)
Bob Jenson (2020)
Rich Leever (2020)
Sharon Matt (2020)
Eric Post (2019)
Lloyd Thomas (2020)

Officer Elections

The newly-constituted board held officer elections for one-year term. Lloyd Thomas made a motion to nominate the current slate of officers, as below, Eric Post 2nd the motion. No other nominations were made. A voice vote was taken and all directors present voted affirmative, and none negative.

President: Ed Beighe
Vice President Operations: Bob Jenson
Vice President Special Projects: Bob Beane
Treasurer: Gail Hildebrant
Secretary: Sharon Matt

The business meeting concluded at approximately 7:15PM and informal discussions followed.

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