Coalition of Arizona Bicyclist’s Annual member’s meeting 10/17/2023

This year, the annual business meeting will be held via video tele-conference, a dial-in number will also be available.
A business meeting and election of open board of directors seats will be held, after our guest’s presentation.

  • Tuesday, October 17 , 2023 at 6:30PM Arizona Time.

Meeting is open to the public, anyone who wishes to attend please contact no later than 10/14 to obtain the connection details.

There will be a special guest presentation, see below.

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Nominations, or self-nominations for the Board of Directors are still open, and as always we’re looking for volunteers in any capacity.

see 2022 annual meeting minutes.

AGENDA 6:30 – 6:40 pm

  • Mingle and open discussion

6:40 – 7:10 PM

    On August 1, 2023, Governor Hobbs signed SB 1102, enabling legislation directing the Board of Supervisors to refer a 20-year continuation of the dedicated half-cent sales tax to Maricopa County voters in 2023. Audra Koester Thomas will review the unanimously approved investment plan that will be supported by a successful continuation of the tax and implications of enabling legislation.
    [Links to the presentation are in the meeting minutes, below]

7:10 – 7:30 PM

  • Board Elections; See below. Additional nominations are open



Report for September 2023 to share at Annual Meeting:

  • Checking: $2,000.00
  • Savings: $32,190.93

Total Funds: $34,190.93

Respectfully submitted by CAzBike Treasurer Gail Hildebrant


We had two resignations during 2023; Billy Boyles and Sharon Matt resigned their seats — we thank them for their service.

We currently have 11 directors; (with a maximum of 15 per bylaws) counting the two resigned seats. Directors serve two-year terms, currently 3 board member seats are expiring in 2023 and will be voted on to renew a two-year seat, as well as any new nominations:

  • Tom Armstrong, Sierra Vista (2023)
  • Eric Post, Tucson (2023)
  • Earl Ratledge, Mesa (2023)

See for complete current list.

BOARD ELECTIONS: new nominations

… open …

MEETING MINUTES (approved at 11/21/2023 BoD meeting) #minutes

Meeting was held Oct 17, 2023 at 6:30pm via google Meet.

In attendance, board members: Tom Armstrong, Ed Beighe, Gail Hildebrant, Bob Jenson, Mike Kuzel, Earl Ratledge.
Guests attending: Audra Koester Thomas, Kay Bork, Larry Kirch, Lee , Sierra Ross, Leah Carlson, Lee Cachu.

Audra Koester Thomas of MAG (Maricopa Association of Governments) gave a presentation regarding history and outlook of Maricopa County’s dedicated sales tax that funds transportation projects throughout the county. The renewal of which depended on enabling legislation at the state level, causing a great deal of uncertainty.

The graphic below represents projected 20 year revenue/spending for all sources with the thickness of line proportionate to amount, e.g. the slender green bar “ADOT HURF” is what drivers pay in state gas taxes and other use-fees. The large majority of revenues would be spent on Freeways & Transit. The red arrow denotes specific Active Transportation projects of $0.8B relative to a total spend of $28B

Voting for Board of Directors

Since last annual meeting, Sharon Matt, and Billy Boyles have resigned their board seats.

Ed B read the names of the the other six seats expiring this term and nominated them for new terms: Tom Armstrong, Eric Post, and Earl Ratledge.  Bob Jenson seconded, and Voted & passed unanimously by all present.

There were no new board nominations

The newly constituted board now currently contains 9 members, along with expiration as noted below, in alphabetical order:

  • Tom Armstrong, Sierra Vista (2025)
  • Ed Beighe, Phoenix (2024)
  • Gail Hildebrant, Glendale (2024)
  • Bernie Hoenle, Fountain Hills (2024)
  • Bob Jenson, Phoenix (2024)
  • Michael Kuzel, Scottsdale (2024)
  • Eric Post, Tucson (2025)
  • Earl Ratledge (2025)
  • Lloyd Thomas, Tempe (2024)

Officer elections were held, the current slate of officers was offered:

  • Ed Beighe, president
  • Bob Jenson, Vice President
  • Gail Hildebrant, Treasurer
  • Ed Beighe (acting) Secretary

And was passed by unanimous vote of directors present.

Meeting adjourned 7:35pm

Respectfully submitted, Ed Beighe, President.

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