City of Tucson found liable for $13M

The city of Tucson was found 1/3 responsible for a $40M judgement in the death of a teenaged cyclist. Jose Rincon was killed by DUI driver Genda Rumsey in 2008. “A lawyer for the family argued successfully that the city was partially at fault because of the poor design of the road. City Attorney Mike Rankin said the city will appeal”

Arizona Daily Star, Feb 13, 2010, 40 Million awarded in teen’s death

In May, the $40M award was later reduced to $12M by Pima County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Lee. It was also revealed that the victim’s family had offered to settle with the City for only $950,000 before the trial but the city rejected that offer and instead preferred to take their chances at trial. Their reduced portion would be $4M. [azdailystar]

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