CAzBike Report from 2010 National Bike Summit

CAzBike Board Memeber Gene Holmerud reports from the Summit:
I was an attendee, representing the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists. It was a thrill and I believe we had an impact on Capitol Hill. We visited the Transportation Legislative Assistants for both AZ Senators and for Representatives Franks, Giffords, Pastor and Shadegg. Congressman Flake meet with us directly. Detailed information is at (See the “Download the pdf or click on the interactive version below” phrase, under heading “National Bike Summit 2010 Detailed Program”.
I made sure to mention in each meeting that Arizona has joined teams from Transportation, HUD and EPA, just as the Federal Administration has. Namely how smart a move that is! Of course, mentioning the First Lady’s program to improve youth health fit in just as well.
I have also uploaded Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood’s remarks at the ending reception to YouTube His closing remark: “you have a full partner in Ray LaHood, and many full partners (at DOT)”.
Also see Secretary LaHood and the new…

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