CAzBike Activites and Achievements

National Level
  • Primary AZ liaison to the League of American Bicyclists (attended National Summits, host visits by LAB staff, responded to/participated in BFS, BFC, BFB, BFU evaluations, wrote article for American Bicyclist covering Hwy 179 improvements, etc.).
  • Represented LAB in awarding BFC designation to several communities (Chandler, Cottonwood).
  • Membership in national organizations: LAB, IMBA, Alliance for Biking & Walking, Adventure Cycling. 
State Level 
  • Primary (sole?) statewide bicycling advocacy organization that is on-road (commuting, recreational/fitness) oriented and also supports all forms of bicycling.
  • Frequent ADOT planning, safety plans/public comment participant.
  • Pushed to get bicycle-related questions back on AZ drivers test.
  • BFS application participant.
  • Supported 3 foot safe passing distance bill.
  • Supported multiple efforts to enact vulnerable roadway user bills.
  • Drafted bicycle-related training materials for potential law enforcement use (project in process).
  • Working with Adventure Cycling and ADOT to determine, establish and sign a portion of the national bikeway network (northern AZ/Route 66).
  • Provided or supported outreach to injured bicyclists and survivor families.
  • Numerous letters in support of various bicycle-related issues around the state (shoulder pavement projects, bike lane projects, citations of drivers at fault, etc.).
  • Held an AZ Advocacy Summit in Casa Grande.
  • Resource for MS ride in relocating to Verde Valley and publicizing their event.
  • Attended meeting in Cottonwood to support paved shoulders on Cornville Road (county). Four foot paved shoulders were added between 89A and Cornville.
  • Participate in monthly MAG Bike/Ped Committee meetings (where federal infrastructure funds are allocated)
  • Created an abbreviated bicycle education course for MAG for use by member communities and taught several courses in 2013.
  • Put on Ride for Safety in Maricopa County for 15 years.
  • Several annual radio interviews on bicycling safety, riding opportunities, etc., on Clear Channel stations.
  • Resource for training LCIs and individual bicyclists in Maricopa County.
  • Attended several conferences and bicycle action group meetings in Pima County.
  • MAG Bike Map vetting and regular distribution to bike shops.
  • Community bicycle ride/event support and participation (Glendale, Chandler, Tempe).
  • Education programs at school events.
  • Support for “Bike to BOB” (Bank One Ballpark) event.
  • Participation in Bike to Work mayor rides.
  • Phoenix Bicycle Summit participation.
  • Participation in community bicycle advisory groups (e.g. Glendale).
  • Television interview/show on bicycling in Chandler.
In addition to continuing and improving efforts in the above areas, here are other opportunities for our board, advisors and volunteers:
  • Membership Development – Meet with clubs and groups of cyclists, visit bike shops, put together marketing materials and drive a campaign to get the general bicycling community in AZ engaged and interested in joining the CAzB.
  • Fundraising – Help us complete the Arizona Community Foundation application (they connect community-oriented non-profits to potential donors) and pursue other funding opportunities so that we can financially support an executive director and potentially some staff to ramp up advocacy to the level of other first class state organizations.
  • Represent a community – Be the lead advocate in a community, or help find that person, especially outside metro-Phoenix and Tucson.
  • Organize an event – Be it resurrecting the “Ride for Safety” or coming up with a community event that gets more people on bikes and spreads word of the CAzB and our mission, this is something more people need to do (Gene D is doing this in Yuma this spring…talk to him about why and how to get this done).
  • Outreach to law enforcement – We want AZ law enforcement to be better informed about bicycling related laws and safe cycling practices. Be that person in your community who gets to know your local PD leaders and helps get appropriate education/awareness in place.
  • Organize a state bicycling conference – We have attractive times of the year and major events around which to schedule an advocacy summit or conference in AZ. We just need someone to take the lead in organizing it.
  • Reach out to AZ Tourism – AZ is a year-round gem of a place to ride (weather, scenery, strong local support for visitors in terms of maps, clubs, riding buddies, etc.). Be that person who becomes the connection to the AZ Office of Tourism…get more bike venues listed on their web site. Convince them to fund some bike tourism video and post it there.
  • Become a LCI and teach classes to adults and school kids in your community – Self-explanatory…
  • Get to know a city council member, mayor, state legislator, etc., and get bicycling accommodation on their agenda. Explain the health, environmental, property value enhancement and fun benefits of bicycling with enough gusto and data that they can’t not support bicycling.
  • Meet with Parks and Recreation to discuss the idea of a bicycle park (like Valmont in Boulder and/or what Mesa is building this year). Ask them to consider a park with MTB skills areas, paved paths, and a basketball court-sized “mock streets” area for bike education classes, etc. Tell them that bicyclists, walkers, runner/joggers could all enjoy a park such as this. It could be a venue for weekly charity events, and it could have adjoining retail (bike shop, running/walking shoes/clothing retail and café) that could benefit the community and be a “destination” for active community members and visitors.
  • Reach out to an underserved community: Low income, Spanish speaking, older adults and so forth. Be a champion of expanding the “City of Lights” (Los Angeles) program to Phoenix, or something of similar impact.
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