Price/Hwy 101 Frontage roads Edge lines are back!

Due to the involvement of the CAzB and a number of other concerned individuals, ADOT was persuaded to re-stripe the Price/Hwy101 frontage roads with edgelines to reconstitute the “bike lanes” (striped but not marked as bicycle lanes) that were previously marked prior to the recent re-paving project. Many bicyclists who live and ride in the […]

Proposed Phoenix Bike Ped bridge needs your support

The proposed bike/ped bridge 19th Ave & Greenway is in danger of being killed, please plan to attend to support and speak (simulated bridge pictured at right), ESPECIALLY if you live in Phoenix Council District 3 (Councilman Gates) or use the Cave Creek wash trails. Bicycle projects get done when bicyclists show up and support. […]

Right to the Road

Your rights as a cyclist are under constant assault all around the state. Over-zealous law enforcement officers, mis-applying laws, along with sometimes compliant courts can have a chilling effect. [Flagstaff][Tempe][Pima County] One way you can support efforts to make cycling safer and more enjoyable throughout Arizona is by joining the Coalition. There’s still time to […]

[update] Enforcement at Tucson Mountain Park

[UPDATE: click here to read a reply from Priscilla Cornelio, Director Pima County DOT] The following letter was sent regarding enforcement of traffic safety at Tucson Mountain Park: Dear Chairman Valadez, Supervisors Elias, Bronson, Carroll, and Day; and Sheriff Dupnik: The purpose of this letter is to thank Pima County for the excellent work you […]

Projects funded for Safe Routes

Bill Lazenby represents the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists on the Safe Routes To School (SRTS) Advisory Committee, and participates in funding and project selections. The following projects and amounts were recommended by the SRTS Advisory Committee and approved by the State Transportation Board for funding in Cycle 4. Infrastructure Gilbert School Crossings and Sidewalk Safety […]

ADOT unveils 5-year transpo plan

Take a minute to visit ADOT’s new “Honk if You Plan Ahead” headline story. It’s time for public hearings on the Tentative 5-year Construction program, which expresses how ADOT intends to invest in transportation for the next five years…

CAzBike Report from 2010 National Bike Summit

CAzBike Board Memeber Gene Holmerud reports from the Summit:I was an attendee, representing the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists. It was a thrill and I believe we had an impact on Capitol Hill. We visited the Transportation Legislative Assistants for both AZ Senators and for Representatives Franks, Giffords, Pastor and Shadegg. Congressman Flake meet with us […]

CAzBike on Chandler channel 11

Coalition President Bob Beane, and Ken St. John of the PMBC joined Chandler city councilman Rick Heumann to discuss the Bicycle Friendly Cities, and other cycling topics. The program can be viewed from the ; scroll down to: Regular Programming / Bicycle Friendly Community.Direct streaming link.

ACT Act Introduced

Representative Earl Blumenauer introduced the Active Community Transportation Act, H.R.4722, on 3/2/10. This groundbreaking bill creates a competitive grant program with $2 Billion to help communities build bicycling and walking networks. Read more & TAKE ACTION…The accompanying chart shows the underfunded position of bike/pedestrian travel relative to the trips and percentage of fatalities. $2 billion […]

Benchmarking Report Making Its Mark

If you haven’t yet checked out Bicycling and Walking in the United States: 2010 Benchmarking Report, released January 28, 2010, what are you waiting for? The nearly 200-page report filled with data on bicycling and walking from 50 states and the 51 largest U.S. cities has been labeled a “Bike-Ped State of the Union.” Over […]