Another satisfied Bike Ed student

A graduate of CAzbike’s Road 1 class offers advice to blogger Justin who complains of the cycling situation here in metro Phoenix. His complaints are not all unjustified — however, the missing piece is definitely education:

…if you’re new to road cycling, a training course is highly recommended. I’ve been a mountain biker for many years, but had little experience on riding on city roads. So, I took last Fall a free class from the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists (cazbike.) I believe their road safety classes are only offered from the Fall thru the Spring (don’t blame them for not offering them in our sizzling summer heat.) Although the course takes an entire weekend, it is well worth it… The experience has been all but positive so far. I feel now quite confident riding on the road. Like many, I used to use the sidewalks a lot…(Read the whole thread here)

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  1. ben says:

    It only takes one right hook by the motorists who has gained no more responsibility, in a bike lane to realize they are not the safest things to ride in.

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