2013 Annual meeting wrapup

It was a lovely November afternoon on Aunt Chilada’s patio… thanks to all of those who came out for the meeting!


Over the past year, Mary Kay Black, and Sheryl Keeme have resigned their board seats — the Coalition wishes to thank them for their service.

The entire existing slate of directors was re-elected; and in addition two new directors, Lloyd Thomas, and Warren Smock, were elected.

In addition, the following volunteered and were appointed to the Advisory board: Brenda Currier (at-large), Scott Walters (representing T.B.A.G), Gene Dalbey (representing the Yuma and Southwesterern Arizona region), and Sharon Matt (at-large)

Please visit www.cazbike.org/Contact.htm for a current complete list of board and advisors (officer elections have not yet been held; at this time the officers listed are those from previous term)


  • Introductions
  • Call for additional items
  • Treasure’s Reprot: as of Oct 31, 2013 available funds = $47,045.63
  • History and Purpose of CAzB; Founded circa 1991, Incorporated 1997, granted 501c(3) non-profit status in 2002… see corporate documents at  articles-of-incorporation-and-bylaws
  • Mission
  • 2013 Activities, Acheivments and Challenges
    • Supported “Ride on Tucson!” event
    • Supported AZ legislative attempt to introduce Vulnerable User Legislation
    • Donation/funding of Not One More Cyclist Foundation (outreach)
    • National Bike Summit attendance
    • Donated to Verde Valley Cyclists Coalitoin Hwy 179 sweeping fund “the Red Rock Road
    • El Tour de Mesa booth
    • Review/consulting on numerous infrastructure projects in metro Phoenix
    • Hosted/funded turnaround sag stop at Chander Family Bicycle Ride (300+ riders)
    • Participated in Glendale Family Ride
    • MAG and other bicyclist education classes.
    • Drafted bicycle-related training materials for law enforcement use
    • Phoenix Bicycling Summit participation
    • MAG Bike/Ped and Phoenix Transportation Master Plan/Budget participation
    • ADOT Bicycle/Ped Safety Plan, Econimic Impact and Five Year Plan input
    • US Bicycle Route (Route 66) support
    • ADEQ, Phoenix City Council and other meetings
  • Current and near-term projects and opportunites
    • ADOT Strategic Highway Safety Plan Cycling Task Force participatoin
    • MAG Bicycle Count project — monitor and provide feedback
    • AZ Biccycle Friendly State application
    • Education programs: scheduling and staffing
    • State Parks bicycle program support; see e.g. better-mountain-biking-classes-offered
    • PBAA/El Tour de Tucson sponsorship/support
  • President’s Comments: Where do we go from here?
  • Elections
  • Adjournment
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