letter: Phoenix Councilman Mattox – 31st Ave and Camelback Project

Letter: Phoenix Councilman Mattox-31st Ave and Camelback Project


August 12, 2011


Councilman Mattox,

I am president of the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists, an organization representing the interests of thousands of bicyclists around the state and over 7,000 bike riders in the metro-Phoenix area. We advocate for bicyclists, and more broadly advocate for multi-modal transportation and access (including pedestrians, mass-transit users and other non-single occupant vehicle citizens).

It has come to the attention of the Coalition that an on-going Grand Canyon University area project at West Camelback and North 31st Avenue does not adequately address access to the Little Canyon Trail (where you recently cut the project ribbon). It appears that neither the church on the west side of 31st Ave. nor the mini-storage on the east side are willing to incorporate proper ADA access on their property. Further, the City failed to enforce relevant stipulations on the mini-storage when they previously abandoned the related right-of-way.

The City spent nearly $1.2 Million on the Little Canyon Trail, but seems unable or unwilling to make a few “insignificant” (low cost but non-motor vehicle oriented) accommodations happen.

If you want to support and encourage pedestrian and bicycle use of the Little Horse Trail and put that in your resume, you need to support and implement the low-cost finer points that truly make access available to the parties in your District, and other Valley users, for whom this project will provide health, recreation, connectivity and property value benefits.

We were happy to see your support at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Little Horse Trail. Now, please go the final mile and ensure the last meaningful, low cost design considerations (ADA, easy bike access, etc.) are put in place.


Thank you.


Bob Beane, President
Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists
Member and former Board Member, Phoenix Metro Bicycle Club
Author, League of American Bicyclists Magazine Article: “Red Rock Road, Extreme Road Makeover”

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