Brandee Lepak attends 2014 National Bike Summit

Below is Brandee Lepak’s reports from the 2014 National Bike Summit. Brandee is owner of Global Bikes, she attended along with Coalition president Bob Beane, and PortaPedal’s Al Capello… Thank you for allowing me to be one of the representatives for Arizona. The trip was amazing and I was very proud to be one of […]

Report from 2014 National Bike Summit

Last week CAZBike prez Bob Beane, along with Global Bikes co-owner Brandee Lepak, and PortaPedal’s Al Capello attended LAB’s 2014 National Bike Summit in Washington D.C… Report #1, Monday, March 3Keynote Speakers – Phillip Darnton, Executive Director, Bicycle Association of Great Britain, and Andy Clarke, President, League of American Bicyclists How to be successful in […]

East-Valley Map Volunteers needed

Many of you may not know it, but volunteers from the Coalition, led by Peter Mather, endeavor to deliver and keep stocked all Maricopa County bike shops with MAG (Maricopa Association of Gov’ts) Bikeways Maps. This is a huge task. Peter needs your help — in particularly he is seeking 2 to 3 new volunteers […]

Bike Master Plan Aims To Boost Ridership, Increase Safety

City of Phx Bike Coord Joe Perez in front of the new green bike  lane on Grand Avenue. (Photo by Nick Blumberg-KJZZ) The city of Phoenix is in the last stages of putting together a huge document, outlining its plans to make getting around on a bicycle easier and safer. It will address infrastructure for bikers and […]

CAzBike Activites and Achievements

National Level Primary AZ liaison to the League of American Bicyclists (attended National Summits, host visits by LAB staff, responded to/participated in BFS, BFC, BFB, BFU evaluations, wrote article for American Bicyclist covering Hwy 179 improvements, etc.). Represented LAB in awarding BFC designation to several communities (Chandler, Cottonwood). Membership in national organizations: LAB, IMBA, Alliance […]

Meet Scott Walters

Scott Walters Scott is providing liaison between the Coalition and the Tempe Bicycle Action Group.  Scott Walters is a transplant from bicycle friendly Minneapolis.  As a kid, he delivered the daily paper by bicycle but now he writes software.  In 2011, he completed his first and hopefully last Paris Brest Paris. Scott also serves on the Tempe Bicycle […]

“Tour of Arizona”?

I wrote this partly because the ATOC (Amgen Tour of California) is one of the few major racing events in the USA and it is (from personal experience) a great event to witness. Linda and I have been to several stages of four of these events. If you cannot, or do not wish to, travel […]

Meet Lloyd Thomas

Lloyd Thomas Lloyd is the Coalition’s newest member of the Board of Directors.  I’m Lloyd Thomas. I’ve always had medical issues. But riding a single speed bike as a child gave me a sense of freedom and a great way to exercise the family dog. A bike was my main source of transportation while home-ported […]

Call for Fiesta Bowl bike-security volunteers

Message from Sharon Matt, the new chair of Bicycling Security for the Fiesta Bowl Parade. The parade is held on Saturday, December 28, 2013. I need your help. I need cyclists (road and mountain bikers) who would be willing to volunteer their time from about 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM. They would get a chance […]

2013 Annual meeting wrapup

It was a lovely November afternoon on Aunt Chilada’s patio… thanks to all of those who came out for the meeting! BOARD ELECTIONS Over the past year, Mary Kay Black, and Sheryl Keeme have resigned their board seats — the Coalition wishes to thank them for their service. The entire existing slate of directors was […]