Unacceptable bicycle lanes

The following letter was sent by the Coalition to Wylie Bearup, Street Transportation Director for the City of Phoenix concerning the bike facilities between 7th and 24th Street and the LIght Rail: Mr. Wylie Bearup, PE, PhD Street Transportation Director 200 West Washington Street, 6th Floor Phoenix, Arizona 85003-1611 RE: Washington and Jefferson Street bicycle […]

Cycling with Light Rail

Presentation by Gene Holmerud LCI #1193 [Link to slides as images] [View presentation online]

Bike Lanes and Light Rail 7th to 24th Streets along Washington & Jefferson Streets.

Many more photos here. The following is an email thread of discussion of the work the City of Phoenix is doing for cyclists on the subject issues. Bob & Bill: Below is the response from Mike Cynecki, the City traffic Engineer doing the rework. As you can see, they are making it better, albeit slower […]

Bikes on light rail

… light-rail trains contain hooks on the ceiling inside the cars. Bikers must hang their bikes vertically inside a car rather than load their bikes on the front exterior the way they do on a bus. Rich Rumer, chairman of the Arizona Coalition of Bicyclists, said most cyclists he has talked to like the idea […]

Light Rail Grand Opening Celebration

The Coalition exhibited at Metro Light Rail’s Grand Opening Celebration. The booth was in Tempe on Opening Day, December 27, at Veteran’s Way & College Ave.) from 10AM to 5PM. More photos from grand opening here. Cycling and Light-Rail go hand-in-hand since each extends the destination horizons of the other. So whether you are primarily […]