Sedona’s Red Rock Road — 10 years on

In late summer of 2010, the Verde Valley Cyclists Coalition celebrated the completion of the “Red Rock Road” project on Highway 179 between Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. This was a monumental project,

Triggering Traffic Signals

Triggering “demand” traffic signals by bicycles has been has been a problem for time immemorial… However it looks as though newer technology is creating the opportunity for more effective sensing. In general the best chance you have of triggering a demand signal is to pull up to the stop line in the center of the […]

Our littlest riders

Coalition of Arizona Bicyclist’s Kathy Mills offered a class in bike safety to over 50 pre-school students of the Horizon Presbyterian Church, located in the Ahwatukee Foothills of Phoenix, Arizona. The early basics were stressed — stopping at stop signs, looking both ways, and helmet fit. Kathy is an LCI, a League Cycling Instructor, certified by […]

Dan Gutierrez Gets His Wish

In early December, the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists was contacted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to help fulfill the wish of a dying teenaged boy. The wish was that the boy, Dan Gutierrez, wanted to ride a bike with a group of cyclists. Arrangements were made for using the Deck (Margaret Hance) Park for the ride, […]

Behind the Scenes and in the Trenches…

… Arizona Organization Works on Behalf of All Cyclistsby Sheila Foraker, Southern Arizona Rep to the CAzBike.this article originally appeared in the Tailwind Times, Sept-Oct 2010. September, 1973. A teenage cyclist is on the way to school. Approaching an intersection, she is forced by traffic into the gutter where the front wheel of her bicycle slips […]