Bicycles for People Who Need Them

Across Arizona there are groups who refurbish bicycles and provide them to people who need bikes. These groups provide bicycles for adults and children. Some of these groups provide shop space for doing repairs, earn-a-bike programs, repair and maintenance instruction, and more. These groups have opportunities for volunteers and are often looking for donations of […]

Bike Lanes Make Roads Safer for All Road Users

Bike lanes reduce crashes and fatalities for all road users and make the roadway more comfortable for both motor vehicle drivers and people riding bicycles. According to Barbara McCann, the director of Safety, Energy & Environment at the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), bicycle lanes “reduces the frequency of crashes. It calms traffic, which makes […]

People Who Ride Bicycles Have a Positive Impact on Local Economy

There are many studies that show people who ride bicycles in urban areas shop more often and spend more money with local businesses than people who drive cars. This means that in addition to supporting local businesses, bike riders are likely paying more money in local taxes that vehicle drivers. When advocating for bicycle infrastructure, remember […]

Arizona Alliance for Livable Communities

Coalition Board member Bernie Hoenle will be participating in the AALC, and reporting on items of interest to Arizona bicyclists.

Is Your Community Following National Guidelines When Installing Bicycle Lanes?

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) both provide guidelines for communities to use when determining the appropriate type of bike lane on streets and roadways

People Who Ride Bicycles on the Roadway Already Pay Their Share

People Who Ride Bicycles on the Roadway Already Pay Their Share When there is conversation about building bicycle facilities, we often hear rumblings that people who ride bicycles don’t pay their fair share of the expense of transportation infrastructure. This statement is not true. Bicycle riders often pay more than their share for amount of […]

You Can Help Improve Your Communities Bicycle Network

A number of Arizona communities recently passed initiatives to expand transportation infrastructure including improving bicycle facilities. In addition, there is proposed federal legislation that would make additional moneys available for expanding active transportation networks. This poses the question, what can you as an individual do to improving bicycle facilities in your community? The first recommendation […]

South Mountain Freeway Shared Use Path

— Path OPENED 10/30/2020 — The South Mountain Freeway, the last and final portion of loop SR202, was constructed atop what was Pecos Road, in the Ahwatukee area of the city of Phoenix. Although some form of path was seemingly promised as long ago as 2010, that was all seemingly forgotten by 2015 when preparations […]

Shoulder access to South Mountain Freeway

ADOT recently completed and opened the South Mountain Freeway in late 2019; which was heralded — rightly so — as a great accomplishment that will provide a much needed connection between the communities of Ahwatukee and Laveen, or more broadly a direct connection between South East and West Valley, bringing for example enhanced employment opportunities. […]

Arizona to place restrictions on cell phone use while driving

After over a decade of waiting, Arizona will become one of the last US states to place general restrictions on handheld cell phone use. Yesterday the Arizona legislature passed HB2318 and Governor Ducey is expected to sign the bill which would require electronic gadgety to be operated hands-free only; with certain exceptions. Credit must be […]