Arizona Bicycle Summit 2023

SAVE THE DATE Arizona Bicycling Summit 2023 will be held Friday 3/31/2023 at the Mesa Convention Center.

Bike Lanes Make Roads Safer for All Road Users

Bike lanes reduce crashes and fatalities for all road users and make the roadway more comfortable for both motor vehicle drivers and people riding bicycles. According to Barbara McCann, the director of Safety, Energy & Environment at the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), bicycle lanes “reduces the frequency of crashes. It calms traffic, which makes […]

People Who Ride Bicycles Have a Positive Impact on Local Economy

There are many studies that show people who ride bicycles in urban areas shop more often and spend more money with local businesses than people who drive cars. This means that in addition to supporting local businesses, bike riders are likely paying more money in local taxes that vehicle drivers. When advocating for bicycle infrastructure, remember […]