State Route 179 Near Sedona / Village of Oak Creek

Call for Pictures

The Coalition is assisting the Arizona Office of Tourism to raise awareness of AZ bicycling opportunites and increase bicycle-related tourism in our state and we need your help. The Arizona Office of Tourism is working on a description of the bike route from the Grand Canyon to Phoenix (via Flagstaff, Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome, Prescott, Wickenburg, etc.). […]

Yuma Region Bicycle Coalition president Gene Dalbey (and CAZBike advisory board member) explains the new ordinance at 4/29/2015 press conference.

New Yuma Sidewalk Ordinance

The city of Yuma recently adopted sweeping reforms to regulate the operation of bicycles on sidewalks within the city. The subject of legal operation of bicyclists on sidewalks is nearly undefined in state law, and as a result varies dramatically from city to city. Just a tiny sample: Tuscon is generally not allowed at all, […]

Elliot Road, eastbound east of Priest Drive, City of Tempe. Sign placed by the city reminds users to "Share the Road". Posted speed limit 45mph. Even the fastest bicyclists will be traveling well below the posted speed limit. This arterial, like most, has lanes which are "too narrow to share safely side by side", and as such, cyclists going straight ahead are advised to ride near the center of the right-most through lane. Motorists wishing to overtake must change lanes (at least partially) to pass legally and safely.

Bicycles are not motor vehicles, and why it matters

the phrase motor vehicle is used sparingly and deliberately to apply only to drivers of that type of vehicle, reflecting clear legislative intent.