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Bill to prohibit bicycling on rural freeways moves forward

ADOT, Arizona’s department of transportation must be renewed every four years by the state legislature in order to continue to operate. As the info sheet for the bill states “Established in 1973 to provide an integrated and balanced state transportation system” (emphasis added). SB1184 continuation; department of transportation This periodic re-establishment normally pro forma, however […]

Sponsorships now available

Planning for the 2024 Arizona Bicycling Summit to be held April 5th is underway; we are actively seeking sponsors

Coalition of Arizona Bicyclist’s Annual member’s meeting 10/17/2023

A business meeting and election of open board of directors seats will be held, after our guest’s presentation.

Stop as Yield aka “The Idaho Stop”

The Idaho Stop is the common name for any law that allows people who are riding bicycles to treat a stop sign as a yield sign, and/or a red traffic signal as a stop sign. It is often referred to as the Idaho Stop as Idaho was the first state to adopt the law. Examples […]